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Store is Closed...

I started this journey during the Pandemic, and it gave me great peace and distraction during a dark time. Since then, so many life changes have happened I feel at this time I need to close and refocus. I do not believe this journey is ending, just transforming. Right now, I need to sort things out internally and find my purpose again. 2022 was a very tough year of change and loss, struck with so much grief, I really suffered spiritually. I trusted the wrong people, I lost my dog, I moved twice and today I am still spinning around trying to get focused. I will still be around, blogging and sharing information. And of course if someone needs a handmade bracelet, just email me!

The store was a great experience, but one that I would need more time to pursue and the career I am in right now just does not allow me that creative time. I am hopeful someday to be back, because this creative outlet did give me so much joy. I am not giving up, just taking a break.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me through it all, believed in me, and gave me such great friendships! I am truly grateful for the positive outcomes of this journey.

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